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Portable Hand Washing Station

Portable Hand Washing Station

Willis Systems is your go-to source for a wide range of portable hand sinks, hand wash stations, mobile sinks and more.

Our bespoke mobile hand washing stations allow you to meet licensing and health requirements for hand washing with high quality portable hand wash sinks.  We manufacture portable hand washing stations to satisfy Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Construction site guidelines.  Our units are perfect for entrances to clinics, surgeries or retail outlets – increasing the hygiene of your facility for visitors.

All of our designs include signage detailing our 3 step solution using soap, paper towel and finishing with a post wash alcohol gel solution. This process enables users to have a hygienic cold water hand wash facility anywhere it is required.

A hot water option with inbuilt 110v water heater is also available.

Design and Manufacture Portable Hand Washing Station

Willis Systems’ design and manufacturing team rapidly creates new and innovative products at our factory in Cardiff to meet our clients’ ever-evolving requirements.

We offer standard products and design bespoke mobile hand wash stations:

  • Indoor portable sinks
  • Outdoor portable sinks
  • Mobile classroom sinks of variable heights
  • Food service sinks
  • Beauty salon handwashing stations

All of our portable hand wash designs comply with hand washing codes and regulations.

Benefits of Portable Hand Washing Stations

  • Providing hand washing facilities in locations while enabling safe distancing
  • Ideal for adding or increasing hand washing facilities
  • Wastewater storage / collection capability means no need for on site drainage
  • Unit complete with bottle trap and universal waste connector if connection to waste water system is possible
  • Simple plug and go connections to mains water or temporary water supply

Mobile Wash Station Industries

Willis Systems’ Mobile Wash Stations are available in many different options and variations. We manufacture tailor-made designs to meet the requirements of your facility.

Outdoor Handwashing Sink Applications

Commercial Catering and Food Service

Моbile hand wash sinks  provide outdoor food services the ability to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and prevent cross contamination. Signage on hand-washing practices is provided to meet regulations and offer your customers a high level of confidence regarding cleanliness of whatever products you are selling.

Our mоbile hand wash sinks are Ideal for street food suppliers, farmers’ markets, fast food outlets, ice cream vendors, coffee kiosks and burger bars.

Outdoor Events and Camp Sites

Willis Systems supplies the right equipment to provide your guests and staff with hand wash sinks . The units are self-contained, simple to use , easy to maintain and can be placed exactly where needed since they don’t need internal plumbing.


Handwashing with soap and water is required before harvesting produce and after breaks, eating, using the toilet, smoking, touching the face, coughing, sneezing or have touched dirty objects / surfaces.

Many of the diseases that are transmissible through food may be harbored in an employee’s intestinal tract and shed in feces. Our mobile Agriculture wash stations will stop  contaminated hands transmitting pathogens onto produce.

Construction Work Sites

Willis Systems’ portable hand wash stations are an excellent solution for providing hand wash facilities on construction work sites.

Our hand wash stations are self-contained units which allow construction workers to fully wash their hands and forearms.

They are supplied with cold water and the  waste liquid can normally be collected and emptied down the drain.

Indoor Handwashing Sink Applications

Nursery and Pre-school Classrooms

Willis Systems manufacture robust, easy to use and easy to clean mobile sinks to ensure that children can have access to hand wash when they are playing inside or outside.

Our mobile handwashing units are ideal for use in nurseries, crèches, pre-schools, and outside play  areas.

Medical and Health Facilities

Willis Systems’ range of portable-hand wash sinks can be fitted with Healthcare compliant sanitaryware that require both hot and cold water supplies. These units enable healthcare professionals and patients to access a safe clinical standard hand wash wherever required.

Beauty Salons and Hairdressers

Wills Systems can supply portable handwash basins to busy salons to provide excellent hand hygiene, by allowing easily accessible hand washing facilities.

The use of mobile hand wash sinks helps minimise the risks of cross-contamination between clients and tools.  

Call our experts today or send us an email and our team will be glad to assist you if you need any advice or assistance with Portable Hand Washing Stations.

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