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Solid Surface

What is Solid Surface Material?

Solid Surface Material is made primarily from acrylic and / or polyester resins. Manufacturers of Solid Surface Material, such as Hi Macs and Meganite, produce a wide variety of solid colours and convincing stone finishes. Some brands offer product lines which are made from recycled material, adding an environmental bonus to your project. It is a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to actual stone.

What are the benefits of Solid Surface Material?

Stains on Solid Surface Material are easily removed with water and a mild abrasive cleaner.  When a stone product has excessive damage, it is very difficult to repair, and the entire unit often needs to be replaced.  Solid surface, on the other hand, can be buffed in order to repair even deep gouges giving products made from this material a longer life span.

Another benefit of Solid Surface Material is that it is antimicrobial.  Solid surface does not support the growth of bacteria, mould or mildew which is making it a popular choice in healthcare settings, food prep areas and washrooms. Because the material is smooth and the finished product is seamless, it does not have cracks and crevices where bacteria can hide.

Solid surface products are a fraction of the cost of actual stone products. Maintenance is also less costly because this material does not have a finish, meaning it will never need to be sealed.

What is thermoforming?

Thermoforming is the ability to bend Solid Surface Material under high heat into three dimensional shapes so that spectacular ideas can quickly take on a tangible shape.

Solid Surface Material can be “thermoformed” through the process of heating up the material in a specialised oven until it is flexible (it has been compared to a wet lasagna noodle in this state) and then placing it over a mould on a vacuum press. When the material cools, it will retain the shape of the mould. Once the desired shape is achieved, it is finished with light sanding.

What are the limits of thermoforming?

All solid surface products are thermoformable to some degree, but the introduction of the latest products, such as “Hi Macs Ultra” and “Meganite Flexi Solid Surface”, have allowed greater creativity due to their highly flexible properties. These innovative materials have made it possible to fabricate shapes and curves of thermoformed products practically limitless in design.

Hi Macs Ultra can be thermoformed to a 6mm radius, which opens up a whole new design dimension for the washroom industry.

Willis Systems’ thermoforming techniques have allowed us to manufacture products such as specialised integral bowls for use in Superloos and en-suites, enhancing and modernising our product lines.

What’s next in thermoforming?

Hi Macs has recently introduced “Intense Ultra” to their Solid Surface Material product line which prevents dark colours from discolouring during the thermoforming process, thereby producing a colour consistency during and after fabrication.

Willis Systems is a fabricator of thermoformed products, shipping from our headquarters in Cardiff across the United Kingdom and European Union. These products come with a 10-year manufacturers’ guarantee.

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