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Healthcare Washroom Manufacture

Hospital Washroom Manufacture

Willis Systems work with hospitals, clinics, care homes and other medical centres throughout the UK to manufacture affordable washrooms products for the healthcare sector. We have been manufacturing hospital sanitaryware systems providing Hospital Washroom Manufacture products for over 20 years to meet the needs of modern healthcare environments.

We manufacture pre-plumbed clinical hand wash stations, wall panelling, toilet cubicles, changing cubicles, shower cubicles and IPS duct systems that are designed specifically for hospitals, care homes and clinics.

We customise our products so that they meet the needs of your facility and its users.

The combination of manufacturing standard and customisation capabilities makes Willis Systems uniquely qualified to provide washrooms to the healthcare market.

Manufacture of IPS units for Hospitals

Willis Systems pre-plumbed Clinical IPS units conceal unsightly pipework to give a quality finish, making maintenance easier as valves are easily accessible  and the system is easy to service.

Hygiene is vital to healthcare institutions, so we have developed  our Panels Systems with antimicrobial properties ideal for helping staff maintain the highest of standards of cleanliness in hospitals and clinics.

Our pre-manufactured IPS systems are very quick and easy to install, meaning than hospitals, and other clinical practices are providing a service as soon as possible, whether as a hospital washroom new build of a refurbishment.

High Pressure Laminate in Healthcare Washrooms

For Clinics and Medical Centres we recommend High Pressure Laminate (HPL). This Product when bonded to a suitable substate such as 18mm WBP Ply offers a versatile solution giving outstanding durability in dry or semi dry applications.

Our HPL panels come with matching PVC profiled edging glued with latest technology glue system to ensure watertight integrity.  

We have a broad range of  panel colour options to fit in with any design or scheme.

Solid Grade Laminate in Hospitals

To meet latest standards in Hospitals we primarily use highly water resistant 13mm thick Compact. This material is also known in the industry as Solid Grade Laminate (SGL). Compact panels give superior resistance against impact, abrasion and general surface wear. Its surface is impervious to water and maintains its strength in high use areas.

These panels systems are highly suitable for use in areas of high traffic, healthcare environments and harsh conditions.

Willis Systems also manufacture other Solid Grade Laminate products including toilet cubicle partitions, locker systems, vanity units for the Healthcare industry

Solid Surface Washroom Surfaces

Solid surface is a man-made material composed of a combination of alumina trihydrate, acrylic, epoxy or polyester resins and pigments. It is frequently used in seamless countertop installations for sinks in washrooms.

Solid Surface counter tops provide for attractive, durable, distinctive and functional solutions to create hygienic, bacterial free, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing products for healthcare washrooms.

Vanity Units, Panel Systems & Bench Seating

Willis Systems manufacture the following type of products for the healthcare industry:

  • Vanity Units create modern design look and hide ugly pipework in your washroom
  • Made to measure wall panel systems can be manufactured for toilets, urinals, showers and Doc-M installations
  • We build cistern toilet boxing kit which are ‘half-height’ panel option to fit internal WC cubicle sizes
  • We supply complete Healthcare IPS panels for medical environments which are factory assembled and will reduce on-site installation costs.
  • We manufacture durable and stylish IPS Toilet Panels in a range of colours and materials that can fit in with any decoration and will greatly improve the look of your healthcare washroom. The IPS panels can cat as a as a duct panel or a back panel.
  • Our duct wall panels are so strong that they can support sinks and gentlemen’s urinals. They are also water resistant and easy to clean
  • We create IPS back toilet panels that are used to line the back of toilet cubicles that are backed against a wall. This makes the cubicle interior look better as well making the cleaning easier. The IPS back panels can then be used to hold toilet flushes and clothes hooks

Contactless Washrooms

Public washrooms in healthcare facilities are a central place for the spread of infection, and it is common for infection to be spread onto washroom surfaces, which are contacted by the next washroom user.

Within the healthcare sector industry, operations must provide washrooms that deliver effective infection control.

Willis Systems washrooms provide effective ways of decreasing the amount of surface contact by washroom users with touchless toilets,  automatic taps, hand dryers, and soap dispensers greatly reducing the amount of washroom surfaces that users are required to touch, hence increasing infection control.

Hospital Washroom Manufacture

Willis System provide Hospital Washroom Manufacture for the health industry including hospitals, clinics and care homes. Our washrooms provide your patients and staff with the additional protection that they require to ensure they remain safe from infection and from physical accident.

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