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Education Washroom Manufacturer

School Washroom Manufacturer

Willis Systems has been a School Washroom Manufacturer for over 20 years. During this time we have been constructing  washrooms and changing rooms for nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities all over the UK.

With over 20 years’ experience, Willis Systems have developed an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of school washrooms. You will be ensured of a smooth and successful completion of your new or refurbishment washroom project across a wide range of educational institutions on time and within budget.

School Washroom Manufacturer

Each of our toilet cubicles, IPS systems and vanity units are manufactured with safety and durability in mind, including quality sanitary ware.

From the many school washrooms that we have manufactured, we understand the demands of creating safe, hygienic, and durable washroom systems. As well as the functionality of the school washroom we use bright colours and designs to make the experience more inviting and less intimidating for the younger children. The toilet cubicles and panels can include your school colours and emblems.

We use graphics in secondary school washrooms panels which encourage better hygiene and less vandalism.

Wills Systems offer can supply CAD drawings to support the washroom specification.

Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly School Toilets

We use high-quality UK manufacture products to deliver cost-effective school washroom solutions for the educational bodies that we supply.

We aim to reduce operating costs and water usage. We can include water saving and anti-virus devices that include infra-red sensor taps and touch free flushing into our washrooms.

Willis Systems also partner with leading UK toilet manufacturers to offer hygienic rim free toilets that are faster to clean as there is nowhere for the germs to hide.

School Washroom Refurbishment

Why should you consider improving your school or college washroom facilities? These are some of the reasons

  • A refurbished school washroom will reduce the spread of infectious disease and will promote a good standard of hygiene from nursery schools upward
  • Washrooms built to the latest standards will be easier to clean and maintain
  • Modern designs are proven to reduce bullying and graffiti
  • Refurbished toilets will improve your school’s reputation
  • Energy saving devices fitted in the washroom will reduce the carbon footprint of your school
  • Modern washrooms show the schools commitment to the pupils and their welfare

Vanity Units, Panels and Splashbacks in School Washrooms

Vanity units with basins are manufactured with practicality and cleanliness as core features, allowing pupils and staff to wash their hands with minimal mess while being easy to clean and maintain.

The harder wearing toilet cubicles and panelling will cost more to manufacture but will give a financial payback over the life of the school washroom in terms of ease of maintenance and life of the washroom.

Decisions on whether to conceal washroom cisterns and pipework will also affect the budget but will be good long-term investment.

There are many options for sanitaryware depending on the children’s ages and use. Young and small children will benefit from reduced height toilet pans mounted at lower heights, while area prone to vandalisation could require specialist sanitaryware.

School Washroom Regulations

Here is a summary of the UK regulations relating to school washrooms:

  • Suitable toilet and washing facilities are provided for the sole use of pupils
  • Separate toilet facilities for boys and girls aged 8 years or over are provided, except where the toilet facility is provided in a room that can be locked from the inside and that is intended to be used by one pupil at a time
  • Suitable sports changing accommodation and showers are provided for pupils aged 11 years or older
  • Separate toilets and washing facilities should be provided for staff and visitors
  • Hand washing facilities are provided within or in the immediate vicinity of every toilet
  • The room containing the toilets are adequately ventilated and lit, and are in areas that provide easy access for pupils and staff supervision
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