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Washroom Manufacturer For Stores and Shopping Malls

Retail Washroom Manufacturer

Shopping centres have an extremely high footfall 7 days a week for many hours each day, which makes the installation of hard-wearing, cost effective and easy to maintain retail washrooms essential. Willis Systems are a high-quality retail washroom manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience across a wide variety of stores and shopping centres in the UK, manufacturing retail washrooms that reduce maintenance costs, promote high levels of hygiene, and assist the environment.

Our products meet the meet the highest international standards and every project has its own unique challenges. Willis Systems understand the retail sector requirements and industry regulations and manufacture fit for purpose retail washroom solutions.

We are a retail washroom manufacturer and offer a selection of high quality and vandal-resistant vanity tops with basins, together with robust washroom cubicles for retail facilities which include disabled compliant options.

Retail Washroom Manufacturer To Meet The Regulations

Designing a new store or shopping centre washroom provides many challenges. The retail space must be carefully designed to maximise sales and offer a pleasurable shopping experience, as well as meeting the guidelines, for the customers which includes the store or shopping centre washrooms.

Washrooms for Small Shops

If your shop has a retail area of less than 1000m² and is not located in a shopping centre, it is classified as small. In this case, the store does not have to provide washroom facilities for customers but does have to provide washroom facilities for staff.

Washrooms for Large Shops

If your shop has a retail area of more than 1000m² and is not located in a shopping centre, it is classified as large. In this case, the store does have to provide washroom facilities for customers.

Washrooms for Shopping Centres or Malls

If your store is in a shopping centre and over 1000m² in size, then you are not required to have separate facilities for the customers.

If you manage a shopping mall or choose to have washroom facilities in your shop, then washroom facilities should be located on the entrance floors. If the building is multi-storey, then the washrooms should be located on alternate floors.

Measured from shop entrance, shoppers should not have to travel more than 150 metres to the washrooms and there should be separate washrooms for customers and staff.

Customer washrooms must include nappy changing facilities. Washrooms must be provided for women and men. In general, the percentage of female customers to male customers is 65% to 35% and customers should not have to queue for long periods to use the retail washrooms.

There is growing trend to have shared male and female washrooms as these have proved to reduce waiting times. Where this is the case the washroom cubicles should ideally be full height for max privacy.

All non-disabled washroom cubicles must have a minimum of 450mm diameter manoeuvrability space within the toilet cubicle.

Washroom Planning Considerations

Retail Washroom Cubicles

As regular cleaning of the washrooms is needed due to continual use, the cubicle panels and legs must be durable enough to withstand detergents.

Willis Systems recommend the use of Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) washroom cubicle panels which are waterproof and durable enough to withstand continual use without breaking.

We fit sturdy locks, legs, and hinges to the retail washroom cubicles that we manufacture to keep ‘out of service’ time to a minimum.

The lock bolts must be capable of being operated with a single action closed fist and doors the must allow emergency access if the user becomes trapped or ill inside the toilet cubicle.

Retail Washroom Vanity Units

The wash basins should be large enough to wash hands and forearms. Solid surface vanity tops are becoming more popular as they provide longer-term benefits in reliability and efficient use of water and power, which will reduce maintenance costs and be more environmentally friendly.

Retail Accessible Washrooms

Shopping centre and store owners must always consider the needs of the disabled and provide accessible washrooms with grab rails as required.

Where there are four or more cubicles in a washroom, one of these must be an enlarged cubicle which have a minimum width of 1200mm and include an outward opening door. A horizontal and vertical grab rail set is required to be fitted around the WC.

When there are same-sex washrooms installed there must be least one WC cubicle that is designed for the disabled.

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