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Manufacture of Commercial Toilet Cubicles

commercial toilet cubicle manufacturer

Toilet cubicles are one of the most important elements in your commercial washroom and build quality and finish will dictate how they look over time. Willis Systems is a leading commercial toilet cubicle manufacturer and understand they should reflect your business or establishment image in a stylish and innovative way.

We manufacture commercial toilet cubicles tailor-made to your room sizes, including full height cubicle systems using a variety of materials in a range of colours and designs.

We manufacture complete commercial toilet cubicles and commercial toilet cubicle partitions, replacement commercial toilet cubicle doors, shower cubicles and IPS panel systems.

Commercial Toilet Cubicle Manufacturer

Willis Systems are a leading commercial toilet cubicle manufacturer in the UK, building quality commercial toilet cubicles to meet the visual and functional specifications your washroom requires, within your budget.

Privacy is a top priority when it comes to washroom areas, so installing toilet cubicles will allow guests, employees and the general public to feel at ease when using your facility. We construct made to measure, full-height toilet cubicles which provide privacy and security and include hygienic panels that are easier to clean than painted walls.

Our new build and refurbishment services extend to the medical, education, leisure, retail, and public sectors, and our expert team will provide bespoke washroom fittings to complement your washroom design.

Our commercial toilet cubicles can be manufactured using the following materials:

Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Toilet Cubicles

SGL is a highly water resistant 13mm thick compact material. Compact panels stand up against impact, abrasion and general surface wear. They are impervious to water and maintain strength in high use areas, making this material the best choice for wet environments.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Toilet Cubicles

When bonded to a suitable substate, such as 18mm WBP Ply, HPL offers a versatile solution for outstanding durability in dry or semi-dry applications. HPL gives an up-market appearance which makes it suitable for executive office suites.

Our toilet cubicles are easy to assemble and come complete with fittings such as locks, hinges, and fixing blocks and are manufactured to last the test of time. We also offer a complete installation service.

Flush Front Commercial Toilet Cubicles

The details make the difference with our flush front toilet cubicles which are suitable for most commercial environment including office, leisure, hotel, and retail sectors.

The materials we use and our attention to detail help bring a luxurious feeling to even the most basic toilet cubicle.

Every washroom cubicle that we create is crafted and engineered to your needs.

Commercial Toilet Cubicle Refurbishment

Commercial toilet cubicles are often overlooked when doing a whole building fit out. Commercial toilet refurbishment can have a significant effect on how your business is viewed from a staff viewpoint as well as visitors.

We pride ourselves on delivering all projects on time and to budget to minimise downtime. We work on transparent fixed price contacts and you will not need to worry about any hidden costs when you choose us to manufacture your commercial toilet cubicles.

Our commercial toilet cubicles refurbishment services cover the medical, education, leisure, retail and public sectors, and our team will provide washroom fittings to complement your existing washroom design.

Colour Options of Commercial Toilet Cubicles

Toilet cubicle panels frequently provide the colour to the washroom area. The choice of panel material is important to increase the life of the washroom. 

We offer a wide variety of solid colours, with white being fashionable again.  If you prefer a high gloss or popular dark woodgrain finish, we offer a broad range of panel options to fit in with your design or scheme.

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