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Commercial Washroom and Toilet Design

Commercial Washroom Design Requirements

When we are designing your cubicle system and commercial washroom, we take into account the following commercial washroom design considerations:

Who will be using these facilities?

What type of image would you like to portray?

Which regulatory codes need to be followed?


How durable does the installation need to be?

What level of service accessibility is required?

What is your budget?



 New Commercial Washroom Design

Willis Systems have been producing cubicle systems & commercial washrooms for over 30 years. Our designs are economic, bespoke and durable, and backed up with long-lasting guarantees.

Our made to measure, intelligently designed commercial washrooms have endless options and can inject a ‘Wow’ factor into any project

Our attention to detail and project management enable us to deliver consistent results on every project from conception to completion.  From our initial site survey, CAD design and the installation of your new washroom we provide a complete service.

Washroom Refurbishment Design

If you are considering a washroom refurbishment, we can provide the complete washroom, design, manufacture and installation service. Our cost effective and environmentally friendly washroom refurbishment solutions reduce ongoing costs and water usage, to ultimately reduce carbon emissions.

We have provided commercial washroom refurbishment across a broad range of sectors including school toilets, office washrooms, and leisure centres. During this time have built up a great deal of skill and expertise and have transformed hundreds of washrooms spaces, maximizing the potential of space constraints

We will assign a dedicated project manager to your commercial washroom refurbishment project, to ensure that it is delivered on time and within agreed budget.


Disabled Washroom Refurbishment Design

We are specialists in refurbishing disabled toilets, shower rooms and changing rooms and, where required, making them vandal resistant.

If your commercial development requires a commercial washroom design with accessible bathroom, we can provide cost effective solutions that prioritise the user’s comfort and experience.


Washroom Designs That Last the Test of Time

Our cubicle systems and commercial washrooms are designed by engineers who understand which materials suit the demands of each type of installation and undergo rigorous testing. 


Our cubicle systems and commercial washrooms are designed with the following specifications:

Tamper Proof Fixings

All cubicle systems and commercial washrooms use securely engineered internal fixings for superior tamper proof performance which avoid the need for unsightly panel fixings.

Outstanding Strength

Willis Systems’ cubicle system design are built with outstanding strength compared to alternative systems which use.

Continuous Wall Channel

Our cubicle systems and commercial washrooms can where deemed necessary, be fixed to the wall with a continuous U channel to give  additional stability and maximum privacy.

Quality Fittings

We use quality fittings from the top manufacturers.

The BIM Process for Cubicle System and Washroom Design

The architect and construction industry are moving to the use of the building information modeling (BIM) process which has opened the possibility of managing large quantities of data to ensure full coordination and integration between  all facets of the building process.

The information database saves valuable time and money by helping in the tracking of high-volume, detail-dense, and fast-moving job specifications.

Using BIM, our designers can easily access up-to-date information on any project to ensure the specifications align with original design and standards through the whole construction process. BIM can be used to manage all phases of bathroom, restroom, powder room and water closet design.


The BIM software process provides both the visual 3-D models and product data for:

    • Coordinated design and construction documentation
    • Architectural design visualisation
    • Automated specification writing
    • Compliance checks
    • Mechanical engineering and plumbing
    • IPS pre-fabrication
    • Product procurement
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