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Commercial Washroom and Healthcare Panel Manufacturer

We Offer the Total Package

Washroom and toilet areas form an intrinsic part of any building’s design.  Willis Systems is a commercial washroom manufacturer that can create your beautifully designed and engineered commercial washroom, providing handwashing solutions, cubicles and accessories all in one package.

We take advantage of our proven product platforms and attention to detail, creating a functional washroom while taking into account the design requirements that set your property apart.

Commercial Washroom Manufacturer

Commercial Washroom manufacturer

Willis Systems range of products meets the building industry’s diverse needs for a large variety of commercial and industrial washroom situations.

We manufacture:

Cubicle partitioning for toilet, shower and changing rooms.

Wall panelling for both wet and dry areas.

Vanities in a variety of materials.

Bench seating.


Our products have been installed in many sectors within the commercial building industry – including offices, recreational, educational, leisure, healthcare and hospitality sectors

Our experienced Commercial Washroom manufacturer team use their knowledge to work in partnership with architects, designers, builders and clients to manufacture the required washroom solution solution. Our team are available to provide guidance and assistance on your projects.

Solid Surface in Washrooms

Solid surfaces are non–porous and low maintenance, with seamless, invisible joints that cannot be seen once installed, and there are no gaps or stopping areas where water can collect and bacteria can form, minimising dirt and germ build-up, keeping areas safe from viruses.

Another major benefit of solid surface in washrooms is the ability to shape the surface meet your exact requirements and we can thermoform the solid surface into a variety of shapes by heating and bending the sheets into three dimensional shapes to offer versatility and flexibility.

You can select the perfect solid surface for your projects from the vast range of colours available from Hi-Macs and Meganite. We have convincing stone finishes such as Carrara Marble available in our higher end price bands.

We provide a wide range of solid surface products available in a selection of colours.

Our Solid Surface Products Include:

Vanity tops – with or without integral basins.

Superloo basin units.

Healthcare compliant baby baths.



Washroom Manufacturer Solid Surface in Washrooms

What is Solid Surface Material?

Solid Surface is an acrylic based product that mimics naturally occurring materials, such as marble, stone and granite, but are in fact made from a man-made material that comprises of a combination of acrylic, resin and polyester pigments. 

Solid surface products are popular in healthcare, hospitality, leisure, travel, government, retail and school sectors where durability is necessary.

One benefit of products made from solid surface is their high degree of renewability and repairability. Gouges, burns, marks, and scratches can be buffed out and the material is stain-resistant. 


Further Benefits of Solid Surface Material:

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Non-toxic substance does not give off harmful radiation.

Easily Cleaned

Daily maintenance with water and dishcloth.


Heat resistant and fire proof.


Smooth to the touch.


Able to withstand hard impact.

Lighter Weight

Easy to install with half the weight of the natural stone.

Compact Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) and High Pressure Laminate Materials 

Compact Solid Grade Laminate

Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) in Washrooms

Compact solid grade laminate is also known in the industry as Solid Grade Laminate (SGL).

Willis Systems manufactures Solid Grade Laminate products including toilet cubicle partitions, locker systems, vanity units and IPS panels. 

When designing your washroom it is important to choose high quality and durable products which not only suit your style and budget, but also perform effectively. Compact SGL is designed for use in very high traffic washroom environments and is also suited to high humidity environments since it is totally impervious to water. SGL offers extreme impact resistance, making it the best choice for any areas where vandalism may be an issue.

For these reasons Compact SGL is a popular choice in schools. The bright colours are proven to encourage children to take better care of these areas and reduce washroom vandalism.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) in Washrooms

High Pressure Laminate is considered one of the most durable and versatile decorative surface materials. HPL is very economical, with an excellent finish and is mainly suitable for dry environments.

HPL is water resistant and has been proven to stand up against normal wear and tear, light impact and abrasion, making it ideal for use in washrooms. HPL will withstand medium to hard use, and is an excellent option in offices and restaurants.

High Pressure Laminate is not suitable for areas which are constantly wet, such as swimming pools, leisure centres and shower facilities.   

High Pressure Laminate

Laminate Panels & Worktops with Postformed Edges

Postforming is based on first gluing the laminate to the flat area of the panel or worktop, which has been previously shaped on its edge to the required profile, and forming and bonding the laminate simultaneously over the rounded edge.

There are only two main methods of postforming the laminate, stationary forming and continuous forming. In stationary forming, the workpiece remains static during the forming operation, whilst continuous forming it is carried on a moving belt through the heating and forming zones of the machine.

HPL Vanity Tops with Postformed Edges

Willis Systems produces postformed tops and vanity tops using Formica laminate, Sonae laminate and Polyrey laminate.

Vanity tops are fabricated either with an integral upstand and a downstand, or simply formed with a downstand if no upstand is required. Tops are either 600mm deep to suit an inset-type basin or 300mm deep to suit a semi-recessed basin. Bespoke sizes are also accommodated. 

Panel Edging Using PUR Technology

We use only polyurethane PUR edging adhesive on our edgebanding, which is the industry’s leading method. The PUR adhesive hardens when dry and forms an incredibly strong bond, making it highly resistant to both moisture and heat up to 150 degrees.

PUR techniques give semi-invisible glue lines. If nearly invisible glue lines are required, especially when using white or near white colours, we also offer glue-free laser technology where the edging itself melts into the substrate.

Our edgebanding equipment includes:

Edgebander machine with PUR adhesive for waterproof edging.

Edgebander machine with laser edging for invisible glue lines on PVC edging.

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