Construction Site Mobile Hand Wash Station

The latest Construction Leadership Council (C.L.C.) guidelines advise providing dedicated hand washing facilities, in addition to the usual welfare facilities, on construction sites with large footprints or those with a significant number of personnel.

We designed our mobile hand wash station to comply with these CLC guidelines and encourage frequent hand washing at a safe distance. This unit hooks up to available cold water via hose connection, offering a quick plug in and go solution.  It and can be set up in drying rooms, canteens, site entrances or any semi-covered area.

Our hand wash stations were developed with UNICEF hand washing protocols in mind and include signage detailing their 3-step hand wash solution using soap, paper towel and a post-wash alcohol solution.  Soap, paper towel and sanitiser dispensers are supplied pre-filled for immediate use. The cupboard provides generous storage for soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer.  Optional cam locks are available if required.

The cold water hand wash process further enhances the mobility of the unit since hot water service and electrical hook-up are not required. As stated in the UNICEF document at the bottom of this page (see 4th point in document), cold water washing is equally as effective at killing germs, as long as soap is used. The push action tap provides the recommended 20 seconds of water flow for hand washing.

Our wash station top is manufactured from water-resistant solid grade laminate, ensuring the entire station is easy to clean and simple to maintain.

This mobile unit features industrial grade castors, enabling it to be offloaded and distributed in most site conditions, while one-man operation complies with safe distancing requirements during transportation and installation.  Front castors are lockable to minimise the risk of accidental movement after installation.

Willis Systems can supply large numbers of wash stations quickly and send partial loads in batches if expedited delivery is required.

Please click this link for a review detailing how our Mobile Hand Wash Station helping companies across the UK, such as SSS Welding & Fabrication Ltd, go back to work during the Coronavirus pandemic.


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All surfaces are easily cleaned.

Minimised joints eliminate dirt traps and gaps.

Solid grade laminate top is water resistant.

Pre-plumbed with Armitage Shanks’ Marlow 48cm under-countertop basin.

Supplied with Armitage Shanks’ Avon 21 push button self-closing pillar tap as standard.

Stainless steel or white plastic soap, paper towel and sanitizer dispensers provided with unit.

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