Aluminium Framed Cubicles

Utilising the Leisureline Ironmongery Range

Q-line is specifically designed for the aggressive leisure market. High volumes of users and constant abuse can shorten the lifespan of the most robust cubicles; however this system is able to withstand even the most demanding situations. Already installed extensively in swimming pools and leisure centres, this system has an enviable track record for durability and performance.

The system comprises a suite of aluminium extrusions which completely encase the compact laminate panels. The 50mm diameter extruded aluminium posts fully encase the 13mm compact panels creating the strongest possible structure. The posts are connected to a heavy duty headrail system which runs along the front and edges of each cubicle run. Fixed to the wall at each end, the headrail adds maximum strength to an already strong system. All components are subject to a four stage coating process which ensures maximum corrosion resistance and paint adhesion. Colours can be matched to your specific requirements.


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  • Aluminum Leisureline ironmongery finish in range or powder coated paints.
  • Full length wrap around hinges pre fitted to 50 diameter metal pilasters
  • Profiled headrail securely fits to Pilasters to provide a rigid metal frame
  • Discreet 150mm high leg
  • Thumb turn action locks for easy use
  • Doors and partitions in 13mm Solid grade laminate, all exposed edges black polished
  • Outward opening doors complete with back to back D handles
  • Screen printed Male / Female pictograms at additional cost
  • 3 and 4 way posts for nesting ranges together in back to back configurations
  • 100% reliability on all finishes and fittings.






Willis Washroom Colour Chart 2021

What is required in a Part M washroom facility?

The revised 2010 Equality Act requires to ‘make any reasonable adjustment to any physical feature which might put a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage compared to a non-disabled person.  If you are offering or required to offer toilet facilities to your customers, clients or employees, you must make responsible provision for everyone of all levels of ability including wheelchair users by adopting Part M Washroom Facilities.

Willis Systems offer a wide range of Part M Washroom Facilities

Part M Washroom Facilities must offer different types of WC cubicles:
  • Standard cubicles
  • At least one ambulant cubicle per washroom
  • For every four cubicles (including ambulant) you must have an enlarged cubicle
  • Where you have a washroom with more than one toilet you will need a unisex wheelchair accessible
    washroom by the main washroom
Part M Washroom Facilities WC Cubicle Guide:
  • In public buildings when four or more cubicles are provided in a washroom, one of these must be an
    enlarged cubicle
  • Enlarged cubicles must be a minimum width of 1200mm and include an outward opening door
  • All standard toilet cubicles must now have a minimum of 450mm diameter manoeuvring space within
    the cubicles
  • Indicator-bolts must be capable of being operated with a closed fist – and doors must allow for emergency access should a user collapse and become trapped inside the cubicle, blocking the door
  • With 2 or more cubicles every same sex washroom must have at least one WC cubicle that is suitable for the ambulant disabled
  • If there is only one cubicle in the washroom then this must be suitable for an ambulant disabled person
  • The ambulant disabled cubicle must include an outward opening door

Enlarged Cubicle
For every four cubicles, including an ambulant, there must be an enlarged cubicle. This is used by people who
need extra space (e.g. people with babies or small children, people carrying luggage and the ambulant disabled)

  • Must be minimum 1200mm wide
  • Must have a shelf
  • Must have a folding baby table unless a separate facility is provided adjacent to the washroom


  • Standard height and projection WC

Grab Rails

  • Must have one horizontal and one vertical grab rail set around the WC
  • Must have a horizontal closing bar on the door

Enlarged Cubicles

Four Cubicle Combination

  • Layout shows an example of four cubicle washroom.
  • All washrooms must have one ambulant cubicle
  • For every four cubicles (including ambulant) you must have an enlarged cubicle

Four Cubicle Combination

Standard Cubicles
Washrooms must offer different types of cubicles:

  • Must have 450mm diameter manoeuvring circle space
  • Must be a minimum of 750mm wide
  • Doors will ideally open outwards but can open inwards
  • If doors open inwards they must not infringe on activity space
  • Inward opening doors must be able to be unlocked from the outside and lifted off their hinges


  • Standard height and projection WC

Standard Cubicle

Ambulant Disabled Cubicle
Washrooms must have at least one ambulant cubicle:

  • Must have minimum of one per washroom
  • Must be 800mm wide
  • Door swing must have 750mm clearance from the front edge of WC
  • Door must be outward opening
  • Provide activity space for people who use crutches or have impaired leg movement
  • Help avoid unnecessary travel to unisex toilet
  • Raised height WC must be 480mm high (to top of seat)
  • Raised WC helps people who find it difficult to use a standard height WC
 Grab Rails
  • Optional vertical grab rail
  • Must have two horizontal grab rails

N.B. close coupled also available

Ambulant Cubicle