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Retail Washrooms and Toilet Cubicles

Branding is Our Thing

Chains of retail stores increasingly desire uniform company colours and design as part of brand recognition across locations, achieving customer familiarity when visiting different stores. Willis Systems can help your company’s branding effort by offering a selection of retail washrooms and toilet cubicles creating a unique company stamp on your facilities.

Our products include bespoke attractive, easy-to-clean, colourful designs while remaining functional, durable, safe and difficult to vandalize. We also ensure your toilet cubicles and washroom solutions are suitable for all ages.  Retail washrooms endure a high volume of traffic, so the installation of long-lasting, cost and resource efficient washroom solutions are essential.

Let Willis Systems help create a pleasant yet durable washroom environment which promotes hygiene and minimises operating costs.

Retail Washrooms and Toilet Cubicles

Washrooms for Supermarkets 

Willis Systems has experience providing products for new build and refurbished large grocery chains, local supermarkets and DIY centre public and staff washrooms.  Our knowledgeable team also works with chains across the U.K. rebranding their existing stores.

Washrooms are a vital part of the shopping experience as customers may spend several hours in a grocery store and will appreciate a toilet area which is appealing, clean and practical.

Shopping Centre Washrooms

Shopping Centres are not just for shopping any more.  They provide activities for the whole family by incorporating entertainment, play areas and dining experiences for millions of visitors every year. Many retail centres have also invested in expanded washroom facilities, where shoppers can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping environment.

Whether designing washrooms for a shopping centre located outside of town, or a high street department store, Willis Systems offers a diverse assortment to suit your budget and site requirements.

Retail Toilet Cubicles

Willis Systems’ retail toilet cubicles are:

Suitable for different ages and physical abilities, including toilets for children, ambulant and disabled with hand rails as required.

Capable of supporting high volumes of traffic and withstand continual use without breaking.

Designed to be easy to clean and maintain to ensure a pleasant customer experience.

Durable enough to withstand continued cleaning with detergents.

Made of compact solid grade laminate (SGL) or water-resistant high pressure laminate (HPL) faced panels.

Designed to reduce ‘out of order time’ by using sturdy cubicle locks, legs and hinges.

Retail Toilet Cubicles

Retail Vanity Units & Sanitaryware

Willis Systems’ range of commercial vanity units are made from high pressure laminate (HPL), compact solid grade laminate (SGL) or highly durable solid surface material. We also offer solid surface shared hand wash troughs which create an upscale environment while including a wider variety of maintenance possibilities.

Water saving is key in choosing the sanitaryware installed in a high use retail outlet. Willis Systems  has a wide range of water saving options available via time-flow press action taps or no-touch sensor taps together with dual flush or delayed fill cisterns for toilets. 

No-touch sensor taps increase hygienic practices and lessen the spread of germs.

Careful choice of sanitaryware will reduce your maintenance costs and make your washroom more environmentally friendly.

Baby Changing Washrooms and Stations

Baby Changing Stations

Willis Systems’ design team appreciates a challenge.

We realized a need for baby changing stations which meet hygiene standards and modern parental needs and designed the following solutions:

The first option includes a bacteria-resistant white solid surface top with integral basin, swivel mixer tap and laminate storage cupboard below. The unit is 1400 mm long to allow room for a changing mat.

The second option features a high pressure laminate (HPL) faced top with post formed edges. This unit features a ceramic obit inset basin and swivel mixer tap on top of a storage cabinet.

Whichever option you choose, both are flat pack with laminate made to order from a wide selection in Willis Systems’ standard colour range. Your customized baby changing station can be upgraded to incorporate a nappy disposal bin if desired.

Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) 


High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

We recommend compact solid grade laminate wherever possible in busy retail washrooms. Panels made from SGL are highly advantageous due to increased anti-vandal properties and their waterproof nature which makes it possible to deep clean via jet washing.

In department stores where a softer look is preferable, high pressure laminate faced panels with PUR edging deliver the required feel while tolerating most medium-duty situations, even in high volume traffic areas. HPL is available in a greater range of colour schemes and allows you to combine different finishes, woodgrains and neutral colours bringing a more natural appearance to your retail washroom.

Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) vs. High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Retail Washrooms and Toilet Cubicles

From washroom design to installation, Willis Systems can recommend the best layout and modules for your retail washroom cubicles. Our Retail Washrooms and Toilet Cubicles are made in the U.K. at our factory in Cardiff where the emphasis is cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability.

You can choose from a wide range of colours and designs to match your brand, with cubicles, vanity units and integrated panel systems (IPS) available to satisfy every requirement.

Retail washrooms must stand up to daily wear and tear and our products are designed to be robust and sustainable, creating a perfect washroom solution while fitting within your budget.

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