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School Toilet Cubicles and Washrooms

We Keep Up with Changing Trends & Regulations

Willis Systems specialises in both designing new school washrooms and refurbishing those in existence.  Our experienced staff understand the complex needs of school washroom systems to be easily cleaned, resilient, safe and tough – all while maintaining an attractive environment. School washrooms experience a great deal of wear and tear and must withstand everything from youthful exuberance to graffiti and even vandalisation.

Safety is vital in designing school toilet cubicles and shower rooms. Willis Systems has incorporated many important features in our designs to comply with regulations while giving full access via hinges and locks. 

Our school toilet cubicles are manufactured bespoke to your measurements ensuring they fit your space. We provide the design for your approval before manufacture to guarantee all details are correct. We also completely cater for disabled and special needs students.

Let us analyse your requirements and offer advice regarding number, type, design and height of cubicles to comply with regulatory requirements.

School Toilet Cubicles and Washrooms

Cubicles For Schools

Willis Systems’ robust and water-resistant range of cubicles for schools can be used for toilet, shower or changing rooms and are built to stand the test of time.

Our children’s toilet cubicles are welcoming and fun. They accommodate the needs of the individual and are designed to have maximum flexibility.

Regulatory requirements outlined in 2017 – Facilities Output Specification (FOS) and the revised key document in 2019 – Technical Annex 2A must be met, including:

Number of facilities per child.

Privacy guidelines.

Cubicle access in case of emergency.

Size specifications for WC and shower cubicles.

Durability of IPS and cubicle systems.

Accessibility for visually impaired pupils and those with impaired manual dexterity.

Nursery and Primary School Washrooms

Willis Systems’ Q-tee cubicles are designed with various door and partition heights to comply with teacher supervision and child privacy guidelines for nursery, reception and Key Sage 1 (KS1) pupils.

Our nursery and primary school toilet cubicle ranges offer fun shaped doors and screen-printed graphics to make washroom areas friendly.

Our standard height Q18 cubicles are appropriate for Junior School Key Stage 2 (KS2) students.  We manufacture them with strength in mind to ensure they tolerate anticipated abuse from children of this age group. These cubicles are versatile enough for a single washroom serving a variety of ages.

Both our KS1 and KS2 school toilet cubicle ranges offer safety hinges to prevent trapped fingers and door lock options for emergency release.

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes to focus on a visually active, hygienic experience which encourages pupils to gain a sense of responsibility for their natural development.

Nursery and Primary School Washrooms

Advantages of Our School Cubicles & Washrooms

Vandal proof.

Environmentally friendly.

Simple to maintain and clean.

Fully water and rust-proof stainless adonized aluminium (SAA) fittings.

Easy to install.

Most graffiti removable with detergents.

Will not harbour any biological growth.

Totally impervious to water or moisture (when built in solid grade laminate).

Secondary School Washroom

Secondary School Washrooms

Modern secondary school design is focused on direct corridor access and open plan unisex washrooms to promote greater teacher supervision.  The layout typically incorporates wash stations in the centre of the room and floor-to-ceiling height cubicles.

Our secondary school washroom products must be more durable since they are used by bigger children who are prone to cause more damage. Cubicles for this age group are built with heavy duty compact solid grade laminate (SGL) which is fully waterproof and protects from vandalism and impact.

Willis Systems’ type Q13 cubicles are suitable for single sex use and Q13-Tall are better suited for gender neutral / unisex areas.

We build our secondary school cubicles with cleanliness, ease of maintenance, privacy, anti -bullying and vandal resistance in mind.

College and University Washrooms

Willis Systems provides colleges and universities with stylish, durable and affordable washroom solutions and can match your college or university colours.

Our reliable Q13 toilet cubicles and changing room lockers are fabulous options for your campus gym.

Heavy Duty Laminate Lockers

Our personal locker storage systems are strong, secure and provide an attractive finish to changing rooms.

A wide variety of colours are available to blend into existing surroundings or incorporate your school colours, adding character to the room.

We offer laminate locker ranges for dry and wet areas and solid grade laminate (SGL) lockers for wet environments which fit your available space and can be designed with an array of door styles and locking mechanisms.

Heavy Duty Laminate Lockers

Sanitaryware for Schools

Willis Systems recommends using the Armitage Shanks School Washroom range, which fully complies with FOS and reduces ongoing costs and water usage.

Various height toilet pans are available to suit a range of students and can be incorporated into our IPS systems to fully compliment the washroom.

We also offer a number of options to reduce water consumption such as self-closing push taps, infrared sensor taps and innovative electronic flushing (touch free flushing).

School Washroom Refurbishment

Enhancing school washrooms with innovative, unique designs has been proven to give students a sense of ownership and pride which reduces vandalism. It also encourages them to respect their school toilet washroom facility.

If you want to modernize your school washrooms, let us help you create your own unique design while keeping within your budget.

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