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Toilet, Shower and Changing Cubicles

Willis Systems has over thirty years’ experience within the commercial washroom industry, so you can be confident your new toilet cubicles installation is handled with the expertise required to last the test of time. Our experience has helped us develop an excellent reputation and customer base.

Toilet cubicles are a main component of your commercial washroom and help set the tone and finish for your space. A fully functioning washroom is a key component of any commercial building to improve the comfort of both employees and guests who use your facilities by providing a clean, hygienic and modern image.

Toilet Shower and Changing Cubicles

The quality and durability of your washroom, toilet and shower cubicles reflect your entire operation. Willis Systems designs and installs complete toilet blocks and washroom systems. No project is too big or complex for us.

We tailor each customer’s cubicles to their requirements and design unique solutions to suit all demands. Whether you are in the commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality, leisure or retail sector, our team members can provide recommendations to fit your budget.

All toilet cubicles we supply feature high-quality construction, excellent durability and multiple design options, creating a completely flexible installation. We have extensive experience working with architects, designers and contractors on both commercial and public sector contracts.

Our washroom cubicles are designed and manufactured at our head office and factory in Cardiff. We set very high standards for quality of work, lead-time and speed of delivery, whilst giving excellent value for money solutions.

Cubicle Designs for Dry and Wet Environments

We know toilet cubicle installation back to front and inside and out and use only the finest quality materials and fixtures. Willis Systems supply:

    • Toilet Cubicle Doors
    • Toilet Cubicle Partitions
    • Toilet Cubicle Panels
    • Toilet Cubicle Fittings

Willis Systems’ commercial washroom cubicles span from our basic Q18 range that can be used in any dry environment, to our Q13 solid grade range designed for wet environments, such as leisure and gym toilets, or our Q13 Tall range which provide maximum privacy for unisex cubicles in schools. Our Q-Tee range features fun designs for cubicle doors in primary schools, nurseries and early year education environments.

Cubicle-Designs for Wet and Dry Environments

From the design stages through to washroom, toilet and shower cubicle fitting and installation, our team delivers a complete service on time and within budget.

In addition to toilet, changing and shower cubicles, we have also designed and manufactured tanning cubicles and temporary shelters for homeless people using recycled materials.

Full Height Cubicles

Full Height Toilet Cubicles

Designs include our Q-40 range of flush-fronted doors and pilasters partitions with a full height cubicle option using our Q-40 Tall range which offers safety, security and maximum privacy.  Ironmongery is available in stainless steel with discrete fixings to provide max aesthetic value.

We offer the following toilet, changing and shower cubicles:

    • Compact Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Cubicles
    • High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Cubicles
    • Our Leisureline range (using SGL and metal framing)

Single Occupancy (Unisex / Gender Neutral) Washroom Toilets

There has been a recent trend to adopt single occupancy unisex / gender neutral washroom toilets, particularly in restaurants popular with the younger generation and school environments.

Benefits of single occupancy unisex / gender neutral washroom toilets include:

    • Ability to provide more room for individuals with disabilities
    • Increased privacy
    • Reduction in waiting time for women
    • Inclusivity for transgender people
    • Easier for parents to accompany children of the opposite sex
    • Less space required for multi-user single bathroom vs. gender-specific restrooms
Single Occupancy Washroom Toilets

Some downsides for single occupancy unisex / gender neutral washroom toilets which also need to be taken into your design consideration in certain situations include:

  • Increased sexual assaults
  • Objections on religious grounds
  • Increased paruresis, or ‘shy bladder’ syndrome

Better workplace hygiene through better washrooms

Better workplace hygiene through better washrooms
A range of material & product options to improve washroom hygiene, including anti-bacterial washroom cubicles &  non touch sanitaryware.

Anti-bacterial Toilet Cubicles.

We can supply all of our cubicles ranges in SANITIZED antibacterial treatment that eliminate 99% of bacteria
When specifying your Washroom System ask for the SANITIZED option available on all our washroom cubicle and panel products.

All of our latest washroom ranges are now available with antibacterial protection integrated within the cubicles. Our Cubicles eliminate up to 99% of bacteria. See attached brochure

Improving workplace hygiene is at the forefront of many businesses’ priorities during the current pandemic.

Washrooms are a key place to improve hygiene throughout the workplace. Poor washroom hygiene ultimately results in disease quickly spreading across the workplace through surface contact .

Willis Systems offer a wide-range of products to improve washroom hygiene, helping prevent the spread of disease within the workplace.

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