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Vanity Unit Manufacturers

Vanity Units to Fit Your Project

Willis Systems are Vanity Unit Manufactures of stylish and practical vanity units for all types of industry sectors which enhance any washroom.

Our made to measure vanity units are used in hospitals, schools, offices. sport facilities, restaurants and all other types of commercial environments.

There are a number of styles and material options for you to select from, each specifically designed to meet your washroom or changing room requirements and your budget.

Vanity Unit Manufacturers

Bespoke Vanity Unit Manufactures

Bespoke vanity unit manufactures using solid surface material, solid grade laminate and high pressure laminate.

Willis Systems’ commercial bathroom vanity units combine durability with long-lasting good looks and are available in a wide variety of colours to enable you to complement your overall design.

Our vanity units:

Don’t absorb water.

Resist mould, mildew and odours.

Are easily cleaned and stain-resistant.

Conceal ugly pipe work.

Are manufactured from durable surfaces.

Include optional splash backs to protect walls behind wash basins.

Solid Surface Vanity Units

Willis Systems’ V-Stone and V-Stone Plus vanity units are stylish, hygienic, timeless, versatile up-scale options, including a solid surface top with or without integral basins.  The stylish base unit can be built to conceal plumbing or with cantilever brackets which give a floating effect.

Our beautifully smooth and seamless solid surface tops are available in several colours and finishes to create a natural stone appearance. The durability of solid surface material enables it to be used for split-level vanity units and countertops in all sorts of environments, including leisure facilities, retail stores and hotel washrooms.

Our solid surface material can be machined or thermoformed to create virtually any shape and provides a versatile solution that comes with upstands and down stands.

Solid Surface Vanity Units
Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Vanity Unit

Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Units

Willis Systems’ solid grade laminate vanity units, V-Solid, offer a hard-wearing, durable solution to high traffic areas and wet environments.  They are perfect for education, medical and leisure sectors.

These vanity units are manufactured from 13mm solid grade laminate, which offers the ultimate performance in the most demanding environments because they are impact-resistant and impervious to water.

Solid grade laminate vanity units are idea for schools as they are very durable.  We offer low level and free-standing vanity units with basins for schools with younger children.

Vanity units built to accommodate inset basins have a stepped back downstand and option to provide upstand fitted into an aluminium profile.

Vanity units built to accommodate semi-recessed basins have an aluminium profile to front of unit for the downstand and upstand.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Units

Willis Systems’ high pressure laminate vanity units are a practical and cost-effective solution for hand wash areas. They are an excellent choice for a dry environment.  Our HPL systems are supplied with a post- formed downstand and upstand as standard and complementary access panel and sub- frame system for simple installation.

Willis Systems’ vanity units type V-600 are built to accommodate inset basins. The typical size is 600mm deep with downstand and 100mm upstand.

Our type V-300 vanity units are built to accommodate semi-recessed basins.  These units are normally 300 – 350mm deep and 100mm upstand.

We offer a wide variety of vanity profiles, including low-level units with colourful screen prints for young children’s washrooms, full inset and semi-recessed basin options, at a very economical price.

Also available is a HPL baby changing unit, with an inbuilt anti-roll feature.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Vanity Unit

Mould Resistant Vanity Units

Tile and wooden bathroom vanity tops, while visually appealing, are vulnerable to mold growth. Once mold finds its way inside and begins to spread, it is difficult to remove. In time it will become necessary to replace a wood or tile vanity unit altogether.

By choosing the right construction material for your washroom vanity units, the issue of mold will be eliminated. Our vanity units, built using solid grade laminate (SGL), high pressure laminate (HPL) and solid surface material are impervious to interior mold growth due to their solid construction. The are resistant to scratches, dents, and rust and are very low maintenance, built to last the test of time.

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